Flash Author Query: Edward Cox

Flash Author Query: Edward Cox 

Author Bio:
Edward Cox began writing stories at school as a way to pass time in boring lessons. It was a hobby he dabbled with until the late 80's when he discovered the works of David Gemmell, which not only cemented his love of fantasy but also encouraged a hobby to become something much more serious. 

And he makes very funny pictures of himself with other people! 

BP: Can you give us a brief summary of who Edward Cox is? What are your hobbies/likes and dislikes?

EC: I’m the son of acrobats from a travelling circus that mysteriously disappeared in 1971. All my hobbies and likes revolve around my heritage. For example, I live in a specially designed house which allows me to tumble or cartwheel from room to room. I often watch TV upside down or exit the house by diving through open an open window on the top floor. Saturdays are always a day of rest, though. That’s when I like to organise my pencil collection.

BP: The Relic Guild was a staggering debut that was both hated and loved, did you incorporate both kind of feedback in your sequel?

EC: Thank you, and not really. All writers have to accept that their work will be loved and hated and everything in between. Once a novel is published and in the hands of the readers, it becomes theirs to enjoy or not. I’m thankful and happy that The Relic Guild receives a mostly positive reception, and I try not to let the bad reviews get me down. As for incorporating criticism into the sequels…I’ve never really thought about it. I just stuck to the plan and told the story I intended to. My editor is very good at catching and helping me to fix any weak spots.

BP: Did you feel any pressure when you were writing The Cathedral of Known THings?

EC: Yes! I’ve just finished writing the last book in the trilogy, but it was The Cathedral of Known Things that was the hardest of the three to write. Not only did it have to continue everything that happened in The Relic Guild but also set up book three. If there was any danger of making a mistake or creating a contradiction in the story, then it was going to happen in The Cathedral of Known Things. But I’m happy to say that all paths led to the right place in the end.

BP: If you would have to sell The Cathedral of Known Things with a single sentence, how would it go?

EC: Nothing is as it seems.

BP: Can you tell us a bit more about what is in store for the readers of The Cathedral of Known Things and a possible sneak peek?

EC: Not sure about a sneak peek, but I can tell you that The Cathedral of Known Things expands my universe. More of the Aelfirian Houses and the Genii War is seen. Clara and Marney get put through the wringer. There are some new characters. Some secrets are revealed, others deepen. All the clues I put into The Relic Guild begin to make sense, and the situation becomes more and more desperate. And, of course, monsters, magic and mayhem!


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