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Aaron, Rachel: The Spirit Thief
Aaron, Rachel: The Spirit Rebellion
Aaron, Rachel: The Spirit Eater
Abercrombie, Joe: Red Country
Abercrombie, Joe: Half a King
Abraham, Daniel: Shadow and Betrayal
Abraham, Daniel: Seasons of War
Adams, Guy: The Good, The Bad and The Infernal
Adams, Guy: Once Upon a Time in Hell
Adams, Guy: The Clown Service
Adams, John Joseph (ed): Dead Man's Hand 
Addison, Katherine: The Goblin Emperor
Allen, N.R.: Blood of the Revenant
Asher, Neal: Gridlinked
Auckland, John: Nana Barb: Lost in Time

Ballantine, Philippa: Geist
Ballantine, Philippa: Spectyr
Ballantine, Philippa: Hunter and Fox
Ballantine, Philippa: Kindred and Wings
Ballantine, Morris, Philippa, Tee: Phoenix Rising
Ballantine, Morris, Philippa, Tee: The Janus Affair
Ballantyne, Tony: Dream London
Barnett, David: Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl
Bartholomeusz, James: The White Fox
Barry, Max: Lexicon
Baxter, Stephen: The Long War
Beal, Clifford: Gideon's Angel
Bein, Steve: Daughter of the Sword
Bell, Alden: The Reapers are the Angels
Birmingham, John: Without Warning
Birmingham, John: After America
Blacker, Terence: The Twyning
Blackwood, Sage: Jinx: The Wizard's Apprentice
Blaylock, James P.: The Aylesford Skull
Blaylock, James P.: Homunculus
Boccacino, Michael: Charlotte Markham and the House of Darkling
Bova, Ben: Transhuman
Brennan, Marie: A Natural History of Dragons
Bresnick, Jennifer: The Last Death of Tev Chrisini
Brookmyre, Christopher: Bedlam
Brown, Nick: The Siege
Brown, Nick: The Far Shore
Brown, Pierce: Red Rising 

Castell, Sebastien de: Traitor's Blade
Calhoun, Kenneth: Black Moon
Carr, Carol K.: India Black
Carey, M.R.: The Girl with All the Gifts
Caltabiano, Anna: The Seventh Miss Hatfield

Cargill, C. Robert: Dreams and Shadows
Chandler, David: Den of Thieves
Chandler, David: A Thief in the Knight
Chandler, David: Honor Among Thieves
Christopher, Adam: Hang Wire
Clare, Cassandra: City of Bones
Clare, Cassandra: City of Ashes
Clare, Cassandra: City of Glass
Clines, Peter: Ex-Heroes
Clines, Peter: Ex-Patriots
Coe, David B.: The Sorcerers’ Plague
Coe, David B.: The Horsemen’s Gambit
Coe, David B.:The Dark Eyes War
Collins, Lee: The Dead of Winter
Cooper, Brenda: The Creative Fire
Corbyran, Eric: The Ankh of Isis trilogy
Cornell, Paul: London Falling
Cory Daniells, Rowena: The Kings Bastard
Cory Daniells, Rowena: Besieged
Cory Daniells, Rowena: The  Uncrowned King
Cory Daniells, Rowena: King Breaker
Cory, James S.A.: Honor Among Thieves
Crichton, Michael (John Lange): Drug of Choice
Crichton, Michael (John Lange): Zero Cool

Dibben, Damian: The Storm Begins
Dibben, Damian: Circus Maximus 
Dietz, William C.: Andromeda's Fall
D'Lacey, Joseph: Black Feathers

Dorison, Guillaume: DMC: Devil May Cry: The Vergil Chronicles

Doyle, Tom: American Craftsmen
Duncan, Rod: The Bullet-Catcher's Daughter

Eekhout, Greg van: California Bones
Edwards, Graham: Talus and the Frozen King
Elliot, Dave: A1 Annual (anthology/ short story)
Enge, James: Blood of Ambrose
Enge, James: The Wolf Age
Entwistle, Vaughn: The Revenant of Thraxton Hall
Erikson, Steven: Forge of Darkness
Erikson, Steven: The Wurms of Blearmouth
Erway, Ethan Russel: Michael Belmont and the Tomb of Anubis 

Fabbri, Robert: Tribune of Rome
Fabbri, Robert: Rome's Executioner
Farnsworth, Christopher: Blood Oath
Faust, Christa: The Zodiac Paradox
Fforde, Jasper: The Eyre Affair
Fletcher, Charlie: The Oversight
Ford, Richard: Herald of the Storm
Ford, Richard: The Shattered Crown
Fultz John R.: Seven Princes
Fukui, Isamu: Truancy
Fukui, Isamu: Trunacy: Origins
Fukui, Isamu: Truancy City

Gabbay, Benjamin: Wingheart: Luminous Rock
Gates, J Gabriel: Blood Zero Sky
Gemmell, Stella: The City
Gibbins, David: Total War: Destroy Carthage
Gibson, Gary: Angel Stations
Gladstone, Max: Three Parts Dead
Gladstone, Max: Two Serpents Rise
Goodman, HA: Breaking the Devils Heart
Grant, Mira: Parasite
Green, Simon R: Into the Nightside
Green, Simon R: Haunting the Nightside
Green, Simon R: The Dark Heart of the Nightside
Griffin, Kate: Stray Souls
Griffin, Kate: The Glass God
Gunn, James: Transcendental


Hamilton, Seymour: The Voyage South
Hamilton, Seymour: Men of the Sea
Harris, Charlaine: The Pretenders
Harris, Joanne: Runemarks
Harris, Joanne: Runelight
Harte, Aidan: Irenicon
Harte, Aidan: The Warring States
Hartman, Rachel: Seraphina
Hartwell, David G. (ed): Twenty-First Century Science Fiction (anthology/ short story)
Hatke, Ben: Zita the Spacegirl
Hatke, Ben: Legends of Zita the Spacegirl
Hatke, Ben: The Return of Zita the Spacegirl
Hatke, Ben: Julia's House for Lost Creatures
Higgins, Peter: Wolfhound Century
Hill, Chris William: Osbert the Avenger
Hines, Jim C.: Libriomancer
Hodgson, Antonia: The Devil in the Marshalsea
Hoffman, Erin: Sword of Fire and Sea
Hoffman, Erin: Lance of Earth and Sky
Hoffman, Erin: Shield of Sea and Space
Holt, Jonathan: The Abomination
Hough, Jason M.: The Darwin Elevator
Hough, Jason M.: The Exodus Towers
Hough, Jason M.: The Plague Forge
Howzell Hall, Rachel: Land of Shadows
Hulick, Douglas: Among Thieves
Hulick, Douglas: Sworn in Steel
Huff, Tanya: Valour's Choice
Huff, Tanya: The Better Part of Valor
Huff, Tanya: The Enchantment Emporium

Jackson, DB: Thieves' Quarry
Jackson, DB: A Plunder of Souls
Jacobs, John Hornor: The Incorruptibles
Johansen, K.V.: The Leopard 
Jones, Lucy: The Nightmare Factory

Kakoschke, Wade: Temptress of the Flame
Kasasian, Martin: The Mangle Street Murders
Karpyshyn, Drew: Annihilation
Kay, Guy Gavriel: River of Stars
Kent, Steven L.: Republic
Kent, Steven L.: Rogue
Kent, Steven L.: Alliance
Kent, Steven L.: Elite
Kent, Steven L.: Betrayal
King, Stephen: The Gunslinger
King, Stephen: The Drawing of Three
King, Stephen: The Wind Through the Keyhole
King, Stephen: Joyland
King, Stephen: Mr. Mercedes
Knight, Eric T.: Wreckers Gate
Knight, Thomas A.: The Time Weaver
Koch, Gini: Touched by an Alien
Kristjansson, Snorri: Swords of Good Men
Kristjansson, Snorri: Blood Will Follow
Kurland, Michael: The Infernal Device

LaBan, Elizabeth: The Tragedy Paper
Lake, Jay: Mainspring
Lake, Jay: Escapement
Larke, Glenda: The Lascar's Dagger
Lawrence, Mark: Prince of Thorns
Lawrence, Mark: King of Thorns
Lawrence, Mark: Emperor of Thorns
Lawrence, Mark: Prince of Fools
Lebbon, Tim: Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void
Leonard, Niall: Crusher
Levene, Rebecca: Smiler's Fair
Lindsey, Ernie: Super
Liney, Peter: The Detainee
Logan, David: The League of Sharks
Lore, Pittacus: I am Number Four
Lore, Pittacus: The Power of Six 
Lore, Pittacus: The Rise of Nine
Lotz, Sarah: The Three
Lovegrove, James: Redlaw
Lovegrove, James: Redlaw:Redeye
Lovegrove, James: Age of Ra
Lovegrove, James: Sherlock Holmes: The Stuff of Nightmares
Lloyd, Tom: Moon's Artifice
Lukic, Maria C.: Galaxy Trotters
Mackie, John A.: Hazardous Goods
Manieri, Evie: Blood's Pride
Mann, George: The Casebook of Newbury and Hobbes (anthology/short story)
Mann, George: Sherlock Holmes: Will of the Dead
Marmell, Ari: Thief's Covenant
Marmell, Ari: False Covenant
Marmell, Ari: Lost Covenant
Marmell, Ari: In Thunder Forged
Marmell, Ari: Hot Lead, Cold Iron
Martin, George R.R.(ed) + Wild Card Trust: Inside Straight
Martin, George R.R.(ed) + Wild Card Trust: Jokers Wild
Martin, George R.R.: Dangerous Women (anthology/short story)
Martin, Gail Z.: Deadly Curiosities
Marquitz, Tim: Dawn of War
Mason, Conrad: The Demon's Watch
Mason, Conrad: The Goblin's Gift
Maxey, James: Bitterwood
Maxey, James: Dragonforge
Mayer, Andrew P.: The Falling Machine
Mayer, Andrew P.: Hearts of Smoke and Steam
Mayer, Andrew P.: Power under Pressure
McClellan, Brian: Promise of Blood
McClellan, Brian: The Crimson Campaign
McCullogh, Amy: Oathbreaker's Shadow
McDonald, Ian: Planesrunner
McDonald, Ian: Be My Enemy
McDonald, Ian: Empress of the Sun
McIntosh, Will: Love Minus Eighty
Miéville, China: The Scar
Moore, Alan: Fashion Beast
Moore, James A.: Seven Forges
Morgan, Lou: Blood and Feathers
Negron, Hugo V.: Forging of a Knight
Negron, Hugo V.: Rise of the Slavekeepers
Neumeier, Rachel: The Grifin Mage
Newton, Mark Charan: Drakenfeld
North, Claire: The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August
Norton, Jeff: MetaWars: Fight for the Future
Norton, Jeff: MetaWars: Battle of the Immortal
Norton, Jeff: MetaWars: Freedom Frontier
Novak, Chase: Breed

Olson, Martin: The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia
O'Malley, Daniel: The Rook
Ochse, Weston: SEAL Team 666 
Patel, Carrie: The Buried Life
Palumbo, James: Tancredi
Patrick, Den: The Boy with the Porcelain Blade
Patrick, Seth: Reviver
Peek, Ben: The Godless
Pierres, Marianne de: Peacemaker
Pinborough, Sarah: Mayhem
Pinborough, Sarah: Murder
Pinborough, Sarah: Beauty
Polansky, Daniel: Straight Razor Cure
Polanksy, Daniel: Tomorrow the Killing
Polansky, Daniel: She Who Waits
Pollock, Tom: The City's Son
Pollock, Tom: The Glass Republic
Posey, Jay: Three
Posey, Jay: Morningside Fall
Powell, Gareth L.: Ack-Ack Macaque
Powell, Gareth L.: Hive Monkey
Pratchett, Terry: Dodger
Pratchett, Terry: The Long War
Pratchett, Terry: Raising Steam
Priest, Cherie: Boneshaker
Priest, Cherie: Dreadnought
Priest, Cherie: Ganymede
Priest, Cherie: The Inexplicables

Rai, Bali: Fire City
Rajaniemi, Hannu: The Fractal Prince
Rajaniemi, Hannu: The Causal Angel
Ramirez, David: The Forever Watch
Reichs, Kathy: Virals
Reichs, Kathy: Seizure
Reid, Ruthanne: The Sundering
Resnick, Mike: The Buntline Special
Resnick, Mike: The Doctor and the Kid
Resnick, Mike: The Doctor and the Roughrider
Resnick, Mike: The Doctor and the Dinosaurs
Rhodes, Morgan: Falling Kingdoms
Riches, Anthony: The Emperor's Knives
Russo, Tony: Zak Corbin: Master of Machines
Rutkoski, Marie: The Winner's Curse
Ryan, Anthony: Blood Song

Salo, Carrie: The Sounding
Salyards, Jeff: Scourge of the Betrayer
Salyards, Jeff: Veil of the Deserters
Sanderson, Brandon: The Rithmatist
Sanderson, Brandon: The Way of Kings
Sanderson, Brandon: Words of Radiance
Saulter, Stephanie: Gemsigns
Saulter, Stephanie: Binary
Schreiber, Joe: Star Wars: Maul: Lockdown
Schroeder, Karl: Lockstep
Scudiere, AJ: God's Eye
Scull, Luke: The Grim Company
Sebold, Gaie: Babylon Steel
Sebold, Gaie: Babylon Steel: Dangerous Gifts
Sedgwick, Marcus: A Love Like Blood 
Shimmin, Graeme: A Kill in the Morning
Sigler, Scott: Nocturnal
Sigler, Scott: Pandemic
Simmons, Ashley Kate: Avalonia The Three Realms
Sousa, Sean C: The Forever Saga: Flash
Smith, Noble: The Wisdom of the Shire
Staveley, Brian: The Emperor's Blades
Steele, Jon: The Watchers
Steele, Jon: Angel City
Stevens, Taylor: The Informationist
Stroud, Jonathan: The Screaming Staircase
Sullivan, Michael J.: The Crown Tower

Tallis, F.R.: The Voices
Taylor, Laini: Daughter of Smoke and Bone
Tchaikovsky, Adrian: Heirs of the Blade
Tchaikossky, Adrian: The Air War
Thayer, Anna: The Traitor's Heir
Thomas, Graham: Hats off to Brandenburg
Thomas, Graham: The Other Woman
Thomas, Graham: Maria and the Devil
Towsey, David: Your Brother's Blood
Traviss, Karen: Halo: Glasslands
Tregillis, Ian: Bitter Seeds
Tregillis, Ian: Something More Than Night
Tyson, Zoe: A Quarter of Magic

Updale, Eleanor: The Last Minute

Venmore-Rowland, Henry: The Last Caesar
Venmore-Rowland, Henry: The Sword and the Throne 

Walton, David: Quintessence
Waters, Mark: The Enchantment of Abigail Brown
Wells, Jaye: Dirty Magic
Wells, Martha: Star Wars: Razor's Edge
Wendig, Chuck: Double Dead
Wendig, Chuck: The Blue Blazes
Wexler, Django: The Forbidden Library
Wexler, Django: The Thousand Names
Wexler, Django: The Shadow Throne 
Whates, Ian: The Noise Within
Wilkinson, Kerry: Reckoning
Williams, Mazarkis: The Emperor's Knife 
Williams, Mazarkis: Knife Sworn
Williams, Tad: The Dirty Streets of Heaven
Williams, Tad: Happy Hour in Hell
Williams, Tad: Sleeping Late on Judgement Day
Williams, Jen: The Copper Promise
Wilson, Geoffrey: Land of Hope and Glory
Wilson, Geoffrey: The Place of Dead Kings
Wingrove, David: Son of Heaven
Wingrove, David: Daylight on Iron Mountain
Wingrove, David: The Middle Earth
Wingrove, David: Ice and Fire
Wood, D.C.: The Saviour
Wood, Jonathan: No Hero

Young, Robyn: Insurrection


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