Short Fiction Friday: The Totally Secret Origin of Foxman: Excerpts from an EPIC Autobiography

The Totally Secret Origin of Foxman: Excerpts from an EPIC Autobiography by Kelly McCullough, School for Sidekicks #0.5 

Before O.S.I.R.I.S, before the betrayal and the drinking and "the Incident at the Tower," before Captain Commanding (that jerk!), before the new powers and the super suit, there was Rand, a teen boy with a few family problems and a gift for inventions... Then the Hero Bomb went off. For the first time, the Fabulous Foxman tells his own origin story in his own words (no matter what that silly ghostwriter says).

I am going to be frank. I was definitely lured to this story by the cover. It's awesome. And then came the synopsis and had to stop doing what I did to read the story! A hero bomb turning every day joe's into superheroes. Digging a bit deeper revealed The Totally Secret Origin of Foxman: Excerpts from an EPIC Autobiography, is the prequel story to Kelly McCullough's upcoming novel School for Sidekicks which is being published in just a few days. 

There are a lot of superhero stories out there but amongst those all, Kelly McCullough makes a noteworthy entrace already. The story is told well in a different kind of way and this immidiatly makes it stand out. I don't know what the narration style will be in the full length novel, maybe it wont be the same. This is personal retelling of a young boy Ran, whose parents divorced when he was younger still and who lived together with his mother not getting a penny from their rich father. Rand also doesn't accept any help whatsoever from his father and there for build everything he wants and need for himself. His latest idea is that of rocket powered propulsion. Coinciding hit his first ever "wet" test run is the explosion of the Hero Bomb not so far away. The explosion killed his father but transformed Rand into the person he is now, Foxman. With the death of his father Rand has inherited a fortune and had used ti to become the Foxman he is now... Where we also get a glimpse from is the government organization known as O.S.I.R.I.S. who are in charge of the cleanup of the Hero Bomb. It is not clear what triggered or who triggered the explosion yet... it remains to be seen. 

What I can tell you is the Kelly McCullough wrote a very cool and highly addictive prequel to his novel that will make you add School for Sidekicks to your must read list!

You can enjoy the full short story over at


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