The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia

The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia by Martin Olson

Written by the Lord of Evil Himself, Hunson Abadeer (a.k.a. Marceline the Vampire Queen's dad), to instruct and confound the demonic citizenry of the Nightosphere, The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia is perhaps the most dangerous book in history. Although seemingly a guidebook to the Land of Ooo and its postapocalyptic inhabitants, it is in fact an amusing nightmare of literary pitfalls, bombastic brain-boggles, and ancient texts designed to drive the reader mad.

Complete with secret lore and wizard spells, fun places you should visit and places where you will probably die, advice on whom to marry and whom not to marry, and how to make friends and destroy your enemies, this volume includes hand-written marginalia by Finn, Jake, and Marceline.

Arguably the greatest encyclopaedia ever written since the beginning of the cosmos, it is also an indispensable companion to humans and demons who know what time it is: Adventure Time!

One of the more popular teen tv show currently has to Adventure Time on Cartoon Network. The show originally aired back in 2010 but has been steadily ongoing and airing regularly. Adventure Time has been nominated for many awards for both the TV show as well as the comic book spin-off. The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia aims to explain, address and unearth a few subjects of this popular TV; from the character cast down to the world itself. The encyclopaedia is written by the nefarious Lord of Evil himself, Hunson Abadeer. It's totally not the boring run of the mill encyclopaedia, more on the contrary it falls directly in the lines of the great humor of Adventure Time itself, though i have to mention that some of the jokes and puns used are aimed at a more adulterated audience.

In Adventure Time you follow the adventures of Finn the Human and his friend Jake the dog, who has quite a few magical abilities up his paws. I have watched several episodes myself and they have all put a large smile on my face, I like how this TV series is different that many others, the animations are great and the storyboards show a lot of diversity and adventure to be explored! Finn and Jake all have their adventures in the magical Land of Ooo, a post apocalytic version of Earth now this might sound dark and grim but it's more on the contrary, the land is divided into many different parts like: ice Kingdom, Candy Kingdom, Cloud Kingdom and many others. In the adventures that Finn and Jake undertake they meet a lot of different inhabitants of the Land of Ooo: the Ice King, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline the Vampire Queen and again many others. Lets move onto the encyclopaedia! 

So what's in it? The encyclopaedia is divided into five different parts: Book I: Worthless Inhabitants of the Land of Ooo, Book II: Utterly Insignificant Inhabitants of the Land of Ooo, Book III: The Land of Ooo and You, Book IV: THe Lost Tests of Ooo and Book V: Forbidden Chapters in the Encyclopaedia of Ooo. 

In the first book, Worthless Inhabitants of the Land of Ooo, the Lord of Evil, Hunson Abadeer briefly introduces the reader to the main cast of the TV show, our adventures Finn and Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline the Vampire Queen, Ice King, Lady Rainicorn and the Lumpy Space Princess. Each of their backgrounds and their quirky traits are explained in a humurous way and with each character gets you get to learn 10 supposed rumors about them. All written in a funny way. 

The second part of the book shows the A-Z of the Oooians and here you get to see both some major and minor players of the Land of Ooo, who they are and what they are. You see BMO the mobile computer, Billy, the idol of both Finn and Jake, Gunter, the Ice Kings chief penguin, The Lich, the only true rival to Hunson Abadeer (cause he is better) and of course much much more! Besides the A-Z this second book also contains a detailed usage guide to using BMO.

The third book shows the geography of the Land of Ooo as told by Princess Bubblegum and maybe even more importantly, a detailed travel guide! It highlights the Candy Kingdom, Fire Kingdom, Ice Kingdom, Lumpy Space, Breakfast Kingdom and the Wild Locations. Here you get briefly introduced to some little quick facts about each of these magical kingdoms, who is the ruler and what you can find. Besides the travel guide, Marceline the Vampire Queen adds her own thoughts on several iconic places in the Land of Ooo, mostly the dark damp and evil places! 

The fourth book is just a small one and shows the Lost Texts of Ooo and tells you how for example to kiss a princess that it's quite different from you mother or grandmother, how to avoid traps and pitfalls and some more spells and secrets of the Land of Ooo. And it wouldn't be the same without Hunson Abadeer promoting his owns spells and curses, really a deal to die for... 

The fifth and final book should only be read with extreme caution! As it is highly possible that you will die after reading it...

What I have mentioned above is purely the content but where the books picks up a nice pacing is with the way that Martin Olson has written the story and mainly by the perspective of The Lord of Evil himself, Hunson Abadeer, this point of view, added a nice rind to it. You can clearly make out that Hunson Abadeer dispises every inhabitant of the Land of Ooo with the exception of his daughter of course, showing the store from his side must speak to a lot of teenagers as it is something totally refreshing. I did find the encyclopaedia to have just the perfect length, it could have happened that if the story would have gone on much longer that the narration would fall into a repetitive mode but for me this wasn't the case, and besides this the encyclopaedia offers a lot of diveristy also letting other inhabitants speak like the guides etc. And some parts that really made me laugh were the comments in the sidelines by Finn, Jake and Marceline.

The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia is a very funny and humorous addition to the Adventure Time franchise. I wasn't that familiar with a lot of the details that featured in the TV shows, I watch is sporadically so for me this was a valuable read in terms of learning more about this magical kingdom and about the characters themselves. It's all shown in full color and plenty of witty and smart banter. It's a recommendation for every Adventure Time fan! (but beware some remarks might be aimed at a more adult audience).    


  1. BMO is my favourite character for sure. The episode BMO Lost is probably the best one I've ever seen. I just love the part where he tries to feed the baby a rock by telling him it's a potato!


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