DMC: Devil May Cry: The Vergil Chronicles

DMC: Devil May Cry: The Vergil Chronicles by Guillaume Dorison (writer) and Patrick Pion (artist)

In a world controlled by demons, Dante is humanity's last remaining hope.

But Dante is lost, imprisoned far from the human world, accompanied by Kat, a human psychic, and nearly driven insane by his inner demon, Dante's twin brother Vergil must now attempt a rescue!

Discover the shocking secrets behind the stunning new Capcom videogame, DMC: Devil May Cry.

Earlier this year the Devil May Cry franchise saw a new release in the popular video game series: DMC: Devil May Cry. Rather than continuing the series, DMC: Devil May Cry is a reboot of the first game that was released over ten years ago. The Vergil Chronicles is the first tie-in comic that tells the story leading up to the reboot computer game.

Everyone must have at least once heard of the Devil May Cry series. I have played several games myself and it's hack 's slash adventure, big swords, bold moves and combo's and supernatural powers to make an action packed game. Come to think of it I think it was a great idea to use the Devil May Cry series for a basis of a comic series, since it's pure action, when you walk with your Dante in the video game you have all the demons popping up out of nowhere, the in-game music takes on a different tune, you unsheathe your sword and slash away! All this with the occasional, sometimes serious and oftentimes humorous as well can be captured better in a comic than an book. It was done with quite some detail from the flashy special sword moves, the fighting scenes and the demons themselves, felt like I was back in the video game again. 

In the Devil May Cry series you follow the main protagonist Dante who is the second son of the demon Sparda and the human Eva. Dante's task is to eradicate the demons that inhabit our world, with an ultimate goal of revenging his mother and brother, Vergil. 

This first comic tie-in takes place before the actual first video game itself, and tells the story of Vergil, Dante's younger brother. Who is also known as the "masked terrorist". Vergil wants to get Dante out of the Hellfire prison, demons are popping up on the streets more and more and the current world is controlled by demonic forces as well. Dante is the last savior for the world that we know. However Vergil cannot break into the prison on his own and needs the help of a special person, the psychic Kat. There introduction in the comic seen from the drawings and the dialogues that follow is directly in the line of what I expected. There meeting occurs in the Limbo and is accompanied by a fair bit of action. But not everything is straightforward and Kat is thrown into prison for working with Vergil. From this point onwards it one mad race for Vergil to save both Kat and his brother Dante. 

Nearing the ending of the there are some cool twists and the last page of the comic does leave the story right in the middle of an action scene ready to be picked up in the video game (it also mentions To be continued in the video game). Now it is hard to say whether the characters Vergil and Dante and Kat really undergo a development, the comic is only a 50ish pages long and a comic is of course not comparable to a book. So for me the essence of this comic book is to deliver an action packed tie-in just to set the mood straight when you pick up the game. And looking at it from that perspective it does it quite nicely. The drawings and the action scenes are really shown in the full color detail that I have come to expect of the video game itself and is in the lines of style of the video game. And even though you are not controlling the action in The Vergil Chronicles itself, I heard the music starting to play when the demons popped up. What you can see in the big lines of the characters is that Dante is in his usual laid back attitude, especially the encounter with Kat. Vergil is his eager self wanting to waste no time on a hassle. 

DMC: Devil may Cry: The Vergil Chronicles is a must read for fans of the series. I felt like picking up the game after finishing the comic. I can imagine that it must be quite hard to translate a video game to a comic, since you do have a certain image of it already, but the action of the game is right there in the comic. It captures both the style of the game itself as well as the characters and produces a great introduction to the reboot of the series. I have inserted several images of the comic book into the post of the review just to give an impression of it. Looks pretty awesome doesn't it!

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