Cover Reveal: The Stolen Thief

Cover Reveal: The Stolen Thief by Hugo Negron.

When I first started reviewing one of the first authors I found was Hugo Negron and his Forging of a Knight debut. It was truly stellar and over the years I have enjoyed the sequel and the conclusion of the third book as well. Hugo Negron always mentioned to me that there was more in the offing and this year, somewhere in October the fourth book in the series will be published. The Stolen Thief. 

Legend has called them the Ruinous Ones. The Dokahlfar and the Vartahlfar, evil elves and their darfish minions that contolled an unknown technological magic, daring to seek power beyond that of the three and the root. They Warred against their own kin, the High elves and were defeated, fleeing into the dark, driven from light they had wished to corrupt. 

Glaive has gone missing - a secret assignment for the King has fone awry. Qualtan decides to search for his half-orcne friend, and in the proves uncovers the truth behind the Ruinous Ones. The knight must risk all to escape from a strange new land fraught with perils and danger, without the benefit of his magic sword. Worde, he will be accompanied by others, servant of Those That Stand in Shadow, in a fragile truce to find freedom... or die... 

The synopsis already promises great kick-off this coming trilogy! The Stolen Thief will hit the stores in October, make sure you get it!


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