Review Round-up March

Review Round-up March

These were some of the book that I enjoyed reading the most in the last month. Which were your favorites?



1. Karen Memory by Elizabeth Bear, Tor
All in all Karen Memory is a memerable book for sure. When I look back at the book an what my expectations were, Elizabeth Bear went beyond them by far with this story. I am always a big fan of stories with an extra message not everyone does it well but an author of Elizabeth Bear's calibre does a very good job. It might not be obvious on when you are reading the story but if you stop and recollect everything that has happened you will start to appreciate the beauty of the story. A wild western indeed with enough twists and turns to keep you excited and lets not forget a awesome protagonist.   

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2. Finn Fancy Necromancy by Randy Henderson, Titan/Tor

As I mentioned above Randy Henderson's debut is cool, it's more than cool! It's unique, though provoking and a whole lot of fun to read. I read some humorous fiction before by Christopher Moore and Tom Holt, who play into a contemporary setting with fantasy elements and I am happy to add Finn Fancy to the succeeded list. Finn Fancy has everything you could have wished for in such a book. But compared with the others it does has a bit of a darker setting, owing to the necromancy influence. The world that Randy Henderson managed to create is always in motion and luckily Finn never runs out of breath. There are a lot of big and bold ideas hidden within the storyline that for me all worked out. You could clearly see the enthusiasm of Randy Henderson dripping of the pages, though I can imagine that for some it might be to much. My opinion does remain unchanged: Finn Fancy Necromancy is a terrific read, it's dark and gritty and funny at the same time, I had a blast reading it. And I am still smirking about some of the jokes made by Finn!  

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3. Knight's Shadow by Sebastien de Castell, Jo Fletcher

I have to give a hand once again to Sebastien de Castell. What he has shown in Knight's Shadow is just amazing. He has really outdone himself this time. Giving you a action packed book to begin with and slowly playing with you emotions. I already felt connecter with Falcio and his Greatcoats, and when I got the the ending of the book, my emotions were torn. It's powerful stuff that Sebastien de Castell wrote in those few chapters. After these events I do see the ray of sunshine at the end of the tunnel for Tristia and it's new ruler but there is a lot of work to be done. However the title of the third book Tyrant's Throne , sounds rather grim as well... I know I probably will have to wait another year for the third book in the series but if I get such a high quality book once again it is definitely worth the wait. The Greatcoats series with Traitor's Blade and Knight's Shadow should be on every reading list. period. 

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4. Dark Intelligence by Neal Asher, Tor

All this combined make Dark Intelligence an exciting and very promising start to a new trilogy set in the the Polity universe. If you are a die-hard Neal Asher fan this book is a must read but even if you are new to his books, and have zero prior knowledge, Dark Intelligence is the perfect way to step in to his provocative but overall very cool and action packed universe. Dark Intelligence has everything Science Fiction needs, and much much more. Neal Ahser definitely proves that he is one of the leaders of Science Fiction. 

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5. Heir to the Jedi by Kevin Hearne, Century

Even though in my opinion Kevin Hearne gives a lot more to the character of Luke Skywalker he does keep true to the whole setting of Star Wars. From the start to finish this book fits directly in the bigger picture of it all. Especially when I read the last sentence of the book, which was just perfect. This really made my day and of course finished this book with a big smile on my face. 

All this taken together shows that Kevin Hearne's addition, Heir to the Jedi, to the Extended Universe books is one that shouldn't be missed. I have been full of praise for the other books in the Empire and Rebellion series but I do have to admit that this one is my favorite so far. I hadn't thought it to be such evocative and show much more depth to Luke's character. Let me repeat myself once again, if you call yourself a Star Wars fan, you should definitely be reading this book and the whole series.

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