Short Fiction Friday: Pockets

Pockets by Amal El-Mohtar

Science fiction short story about a woman who starts finding stuff in her pockets

A smaller synopsis, is I think, hard to find. But it suits the description of Pockets the most.  Just a small note about Amal El-Mohtar, she is a Nebula nominated author and writes short fiction and poetry, she has appeared in numerous short fiction magazines. 

The story of Pockets focuses on Nadia who one day strangely picks up items from her pockets that aren't hers. It starts of with a small piece fudge, followed by lipstick. In both instances she cant recall putting it there in the first place as for starters she doesn't like fudge. These items might be small but one day she picks up an old flintlock pistol. This is a bit of the drop that makes the bucket overflow (it's a Dutch saying). Anyway she sows all her pockets shut in the hope of not finding a stray item anymore, but one day when Nadia is stalking to her friend Tessa, Nadia relates everything that has happened. Tessa is a biologist and she tries to explain just what is going on and they both come to the conclusion that something unexplainable is happening, like magic. During a test Nadia picks up a most peculiar item which eventually brings them another friend and now things start to get explained and where I will stop! 

I really have to give it to Amal El-Mohtar, Pockets, is a funny and very interesting short story. My first thought when finishing this story was I want more, no I stand corrected I need more. My impression of the whole story is that this is readily suited to be turned into a bigger story, novella or even a book. It holds a lot of promise. Even with this introduction it could still go every which way *hints*.

This is my second story that I review from Uncanny, the first being Max Gladstone's Late Nights. They really have a good taste in short fiction. You cant go wrong with them. 

Pockets first appeared in Uncanny Magazine Vol. 2. 



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