Media Alert: James A. Moore to sign two more Seven Forges books

Media Alert: James A. Moore to sign two more Seven Forges books

As you might have seen on my blog, I reviewed the first two books of James A. Moore's Seven Forges series with a lot of praise. And they deserve it fully. This is great Epic Fantasy stuff with a  very cool idea's and some horrific horror elements. Now it was unclear until just a few days ago if the series would end with The Blasted Lands or if it would continue. When I got the following press release in the mail is did a dance. James A. Moore will write not one but TWO extra books in this excellent series. As I said with my review of The Blasted Lands "There will be was and it wont be pretty". I cant wait till November when the third book will be released by Angry Robots. BRING IT ON!

Official press release of AR:

We are delighted to have shared with you our recent re-signings and new author deals. There are two new author announcements to come very soon, but today we are thrilled to tell you that James A. Moore will be writing two more books in his Seven Forges series, following Seven Forges and The Blasted Lands. Not only that but the next instalment, entitled City of Wonders, will be released this November, 2015. More details on City of Wonders below. James is a wonderful member of our Robot Family and we are excited to have his continued involvement with Angry Robot Books.

City of Wonders

Old Canhoon, the City of Wonders, is having a population explosion as refugees from Tyrne and Roathes alike try to escape the Sa’ba Taalor. All along the border between the Blasted Lands and the Fellein Empire armies clash and the most powerful empire in the world is pushed back toward the old Capital. From the far east the Pilgrim gathers an army of the faithful, heading for Old Canhoon and the growing masses of the lost and the desolate, on a mission of which he will not speak and looking for the faithful who will join him in his exodus.
In Old Canhoon itself the imperial family struggles against enemies old and new as the spies of their enemies begin removing threats to the gods of the Seven Forges and prepare the way for the invading armies of the Seven Kings. In the distant Taalor valley Andover Lashk continues his quest and must make a final decision, while at the Mounds, something inhuman is awakened and set free.

War is Here. Blood will flow and bodies will burn.


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