Best Detective of 2014

Best Detective books of 2014

Next to the reading more of the Horror genre I have tried to delve more into the Detective genre as well. When you think of a fictional detective you will most likely firstly answer Sherlock Holmes. I found out this year that there is much more than Sherlock. What also struck me is that there are many fantasy/detective mix stories out there instead of focusing only on an current day murder case. This former case fitted nicely into my current reading regime. Murder by Sarah Pinborough already made it on my Best Horror list but next to giving a great scare it is also a very solid detective. The story is narrated very strongly, and what Sarah Pinborough does with the main protagonist Thomas Bond... well that is for you to find out! The Curse of the House of Foskett is the direct follow up of MRC Kasasian's debut The Mangled Street Murders, this series takes place in the same timeframe as Sherlock Holmes. Following the footsteps of the most interesting and peculiar duo Sidney Grice and March Middleton. This second book reveals some important business about the two, that could, no will have an impact in the third book. Mark Charan Newton introduced me to his writing last year with Drakenfeldas awesome book with an interesting world quasi Roman inspired but at the heart a detective. Retribution is the follow up of Drakenfeld and further builds the or more blurs the lines between supernatural and natural. There are so many things going on in this book. It will stick and grow on you. Well talking about blurring lines. Next up is The Severed Streets by Paul Cornell, also published by Tor. The Severed Streets is also a supernatural detective but taking place in the Urban Fantasy environment of London. I read this book just a week ago but I HAD to put it on this list. Paul Cornell's writing is superb and he will amaze you with this book. There is one detective book on the list that is more to the current and our own timeframe. Land of Shadows by Rachel Howzell Hall. I read most stories with very strong male detectives, Land of Shadows features a female detective that is voiced very strongly by Rachel Howzell Hall added to this is a terrible crime scene and a very strong emotional current making quite the unexpected read.


- Murder by Sarah Pinborough, Jo Fletcher
With Murder, Sarah Pinborough has really stepped up her game. I thoroughly enjoyed Mayhem, and had high hopes for Murder. Sarah Pinborough went above and beyond my expectations. If I look back on the first story it was great stuff but looking over the whole duology and the twist in the plot of Murder surrounding Thomas was just perfect. The follow-up of this twist spun another few layers of darkness over her story. The Mayhem series (Mayhem and Murder) is a must read for everyone who likes to read something very, very good in the genre. It's a non-stop, quite disturbing ride through one of London's darkest parts of history, with an amazing cast and brilliant storyteller! I will be keeping an eye out to what Sarah Pinborough will write next, and so should you, this is the stuff that will keep you up at night, sleeping with a light on. 

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- The Curse of the House of Foskett by MRC Kasasian, Head of Zeus

With The Curse of the House of Foskett, MRC Kasasian has lived up to his debut The Mangled Street Murders. This sequel has everything and much much more than I dared to imagine. He shows that his enigmatic detective duo Sidney Grice and March Middleton is here to stay. Detectives comes in many forms and shapes and for me the Victorian setting is one that lends itself the best for such a setting, and MRC Kasasian shows his vision on the Victorian age in many different colors from the bright happy times to the dark ones. There are plenty of humorous times but also some more macabre settings. The ending of The Curse of the House of Foskett is interesting to say the least. There is a definite eye opener right there and will undoubtedly lead to one interesting third book. 

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- Retribution by Mark Charan Newton, Tor
Retribution is a terrific continuation of the ground work that Mark Charan Newton put into place in Drakenfeld. There isn't much to do besides loving this series. The whole world that is envisioned in these books is one-of-a-kind and has a lot of great elements working in it's favor. The elements that make up this world are all gathered from different directions of fantasy, which Mark Charan Newton skillfully combines. Added to this comes a set of protagonists that are just as rich and interesting as the world itself. They aren't your standard boastful all powerful all knowing kind invulnerable kind of characters, but they have flaws. Flaws that they have come to understand and use and live with, both Lucan and Leana are very well portrayed, perhaps one of the best humanlike characters I have read so far. So all in all, yes Retribution is a awesome read and will definitely be placed in my top of 2014 list. I kindly urge you to pick it up as well.

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- The Severed Streets by Paul Cornell, Tor

 Paul Cornell has really outdone himself with the story behind The Severed Streets. He manages to introduce this very real setting of the story and throw bits and pieces of the supernatural way both wetting your appetite for urban fantasy, horror and a detective story. In The Severed Streets Paul Cornell further build on the interesting world and expands it by saying that it isn't only contained within London (is this a hint for other stories?, New York has been said that it is precisely New York, this does ask what Paul Cornell's interpretation of an supernatural New York might be, yes that is a hint from me!). Next to showing what else if possible within the world, there is also a very strong continuation of the character cast that feature in The Severed Streets, building personal relations and showing the action-reactions that accompany with having gained the second sight and it is not all roses and sunshine. This only leaves me with the following message: read this book. 

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- Land of Shadows by Rachel Howzell Hall, Titan

Land of Shadow is a powerful story by a new and exciting voice in crime fiction. Rachel Howzell Hall has created a strong female lead for her story in Land of Shadows, Elouise Norton is far from the standard detective, her own troubles of her past and current life definitely feel like a weight on her shoulders that feel like they will topple her over at any moment, but her strong personality keeps her upright and she only grows more and more as the story continues. The way in which Rachel Howzell Hall tells her story, the narration and switching of point-of-view, highlighting the killer's mind as well as the flashbacks of Elouise's sister really help to bolster a much bigger feeling to the story. Land of Shadows is a thrilling start of a new series that will make you laugh with some of the squad humor but will also produce goosebumps during the crime scene investigations, just perfect. Don't miss this one!

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