Media Alert: Neal Asher to return to the universe of Polity

Media Alert: Neal Asher to return to the universe of Polity
Neal Asher is best known for his Polity universe which he concluded with The Technician back in 2010. After The Technician Neal Asher wrote a new series called The Owner Trilogy that featured the books: The Departure, Zero Point and concluding with Jupiter War in 2013. I am going to be honest and say that I only read the first book in the Agent Cormac series, Gridlinked, but it did definitely leave an impact on me. 2014 didn't see a release of one of Neal Ashers' books and here is why: Dark Intelligence

In Dark Intelligence Neal Asher will take his readers back to his established Polity universe! 

The following information has been picked from the publishers Tor UK's website

The novel itself features an epic chase across space, a quest for vengeance and a very human need to find a place in the world when everything you knew is gone. Here, one man will transcend death to seek vengeance. One woman will transform herself to gain power. And no one will emerge unscathed . . . It’s a really explosive read!

Also, it’s a return for Neal to his hugely popular Polity universe, so a great point for new fans to explore this world and a welcome return for existing readers. If you want to see Jon Sullivan’s really incredible original concept art for Dark Intelligence here. If you click though that link, you can look at the artwork in much more detail and see some wonderful preparatory sketches and studies. And now without further ado, here’s the cover, with more on the plot below.

Below you can find a teaser of the plot


Thorvald Spear wakes in hospital, where he’s been brought back from the dead. What’s more, he died in a human vs. alien war which ended a whole century ago. But when he relives his traumatic final moments, he finds the spark to keep on living. That spark is vengeance.

Spear was killed by an artificial intelligence turned rogue, which annihilated him along with friendly forces. And this AI, known as Penny Royal, is still free. Spear vows to do whatever it takes to find and destroy it. Including cheating another of its victims, crime lord Isobel Satomi.

Penny Royal had triggered a transformation in Satomi, turning her into something far from human. And, as she evolves into the ultimate predator, will Spear turn from hunter to hunted?
 The publication date for Dark Intelligence is set in January of 2015, make sure to mark it in you calendar!


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