Media Alert: Coming soon from Titan Books: Ghosts of Manhattan

 Media Alert: Coming soon from Titan Books: Ghosts of Manhattan

Ghosts of Manhattan (A Ghost Novel), the thrilling new arrival in the ever-popular George Manniverse [September 2014, Titan Books].
1926, New York. Jazz. Flappers. Prohibition. It’s the roaring twenties but not as history remembers it. Coal-powered cars line the streets of Manhattan, while zeppelins and biplanes occupy the skies. And the US is locked in a bitter cold war with a British Empire that still covers half of the globe.

This is the alternate vision of the most opulent era of New York. It’s a darker version of history. One steeped in fantastical steampunk innovations and a dark undercurrent of supernatural treachery. Organized crime rules the streets, with speakeasies on every corner. And while a run-down police force battles mobsters and their protection rackets, the “Lost Generation” is drinking away the recent nightmares of the World War. It’s a society on the brink of destruction, where any low level crook could be the tipping balance into lawlessness and disorder.

It’s a time in need of a hero.
It’s a time in need of The Ghost.

Mann's sinister take on this period of history is absolutely fascinating. With beautiful prose and a thrilling plot, this novel will appeal to a wide range of audiences as well as his fans.


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