Media Alert: Film rights have been confirmed for The Destroyer

Media Alert: Film rights have been confirmed for The Destroyer

Forget The Bourne Trilogy. Forget Mission Impossible. Something much bigger is coming to a cinema near you soon!

Yesterday Sphere, an imprint of Little Brown and Co. kicked of their longest blog tour in history (47 days of reviews) for the first book, Created, The Destoyer in the The Destroyer series written by Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir. 

The Destoyer has garned a lot of postive news with the book alone and they have been adapted into TV series that unfortuantely didn't make it past the airing pilot but the comic book adaptatation by Marvel got a lot of positive news as well, the same counts for the audio books. Already back in 1985 movie rights and film scripts were written for a positive movie adaption but was never put into play, until just a few days ago. Actually, just yesterday ago. 

Sony Pictures have made the The Destroyer movie a fact! Now there are a lot of directors that I would have liked to see make the movie and Sony Pictures has chosen Shane Black, who is known for none other that Iron Man 3 and if you have seen that movie it is going to be a blast! 

In large lines this is where the The Destroyer series is about: 
Remo Williams is a Newark cop framed for a crime and sentenced to death. His death is faked by the government so he can be trained as an assassin for CURE, a secret organization set up by President Kennedy to defend the country by working outside the bounds of the Constitution.
You can view all the published books by Sphere by following this link


  1. I seem to be one of the few who thoroughly enjoyed the old Remo Williams movie, but I have to admit it's been a long time since I saw it, and I don't know how well it may hold up. Good to see such a long-running series get another shot. Hopefully they can put together a cast and a production team to make it a success (and avoid a Clive Cussler type disaster).


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