Media Alert: Upcoming Blog Tour: Created, The Destroyer

Media Alert: Blog Tour: Created, The Destroyer

One of the biggest blog tour/ book campaigns coming to you this year! The 21st of August, this Thursday, the Created, The Destroyer Blog Tour will be kicked off. Sphere, an Little Brown and Co. imprint is rereleasing all the The Detroyer books from Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir. The blog tour will be 47 consecutive days, with each day a brand new review from a different blog. Look at the schedule below to see who else will be participating!

Before Jack Reacher. Before Jason Bourne. Before Alex Cross. . . There was The Destroyer.
One legendary hero. One epic series.

Remo Williams is a former police officer who was sentenced to death for a crime he didn’t commit and is now hours away from sitting in the electric chair. During his last rites Remo’s confessor gives him a black pill to bite down on exactly before he is electrocuted. Remo does as ordered but, instead of dying, he wakes up in an ambulance. He is still alive.

Remo has been recruited by CURE, a secret government organization set up to defend the country outside the law. He is their new assassin: The Destroyer.


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