Short Fiction Friday: Madeleine

Madeleine by Amal El-Mohtar, Lightspeed Magazine June 2015

[no synopsis provided] 

A while back I read the short story Pockets from Amal El-Mohtar which was a very cool story and I have been keeping my eye out for another story to appear from her and this month in the special issue of Queers Destroy Science Fiction! from Lightspeed Magazine wherein another one of her stories appeared: Madeleine.

I read the store once and didn't really know what to make of it (feelings wise). I read it again and just reading the first few sentences I understood the hidden beauty of the story. In the recent short fiction review I read more lighthearted stories, with Madeleine Amal El-Mohtar delves deeply into an emotional front. 

The story focuses on Madeleine who lost her mother to the disease of Alzheimer. SInce Alzheimer has a degree of running in the family, Madeleine has chosen to sign up for an experimental drug procedure. SInce the medication is experimental, some side effects are still unknown. Madeleine starts to experience strong flashback of her mother and sees another girl in them. A girl similar in her age to which she bonds. Her doctor however claims that these flashback are no side effects and that it would be better for Madeleine if she would be examined at the hospital. But as the flashbacks become more frequent, it becomes clear to Madeleine that the women is real. And that this women means much more to Madeleine than she had even dared to think. 

With Madeleine Amal El-Mohtar has produced a very strong and provocative story, that will make you view things different. What I have been able to read of Amal El-Mothar's short fiction, shows to it is diverse, tackles a wide range of subject. It's a treat to read.

You can read the story for free here


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