Review Round-up May

Review Round-up May

Here is my list of my favorite books of May.

Which were your favorites?



1. Way Down Dark by James Smyte

All of the singular pieces, storyline, characters, world building are top material but they work even better when you take it on the whole, then you see a true amplification of each factor that take the story to a new place. James Smythe convinced me just a few paragraphs in that Way Down Dark was a solid book but proved it double even so with the ending that he wrote, that piece is just top material and for a twist that I haven´t yet encountered. He has already created a terrific storyline for the continuation of the series that will proof to be highly eventful. In the end of the book I was literally shouting and cheering on Chan to succeed, she is a great character who you will adore and who you want to see succeed in her plans.  And remember... The truth will always surface.

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2. Unseemly Science by Rod Duncan

Every element in Unseemly Science make this book a terrific addition to The Fall of the Gas-Lit Empire series. With Unseemly Science Rod Duncan ventures into a new direction when it comes to the setting of the book, it is darker it is grimmer and I think that with the third book it might become even more so, as the world that Elizabeth lives in, is on the brink of a change, of a revolution. The world that Rod Duncan showed in the first book is is greatly build upon and explored further. Just as with the world, Rod Duncan neatly keeps on developing his characters to the fullest and makes them even more lovable. Rod Duncan is definitely on the right track with this series. I am eager to find out what the third book, The Custodian of Marvel will have in store for Elizabeth as well as for me.  

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3. The Book of the Phoenix by Nnedi Okorafor

The Book of the Phoenix is an amazingly rich book and as I said in the beginning it's a spectacular and fiery prequel, it will burn a lasting mark on you. Everything in the book is very well balanced and work well to amplify each other and bring many elements to a completely new level. It is a small book and I never would have dared to imagine that it would contain such a deep story within. The way that Nnedi Okorafor handled the development of Phoenix and the whole story was just amazing. She involves many elements, like the African culture and ways to build her story which works out very well in the end. Now talking about the ending. Wow, now that prologue became clear. A powerful and gripping story from the start. 

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4. The Vagrant by Peter Newman

From idea down to execution Peter Newman did a great job. The Vagrant has a lot of big and bold idea's that nicely fit into each other. Combining a post and pre-apocalytic story together creates a wonderful and very grim and dark sense of the world. If you look at the world building that Peter Newman achieved in the book, it is just amazing. I loved the world and everything that was in it. Next to a very engaging worlds comes a just a worthy character cast, from the Vagrant himself down to his companions: Vesper, Harm and the goat. They really make the story come to life. The enthusiasm of Peter Newman really shines all throughout the story, I hope this is far from the last story we will be reading for him. If you are into post apocalytpic stories, this is not a story to be missed. If you aren't still you won't to miss this as well!

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5. A Few Words for the Dead by Guy Adams
A Few Words for the Dead is for me the best Clown Service book to date. The direction that Guy Adams is going with his book is definitely the right one. If you read the first two books in the series you will appreciate what Guy Adams has done in this book, with a the knowledge that I gathered with the first two books it all starts to come together. Well only partly because Guy Adams readily transforms the promise with the ending of A Few Words for the Dead. It can go any which way from this point on. If you like good characters, a cool setting and some amazing idea's you should read this book. Frankly if you haven't been reading Guy Adams. Shame on you. This is brilliant stuff!

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Over the last years since I have been running the blog I have been posting a lot of book reviews. But it has taken up a lot of time that a lot of blogger will know. I have decided to read a bit less and spend time on other things in my life. It doesn't at all mean that I will be quitting the reviewing, that is impossible!! I will reduce the book to about 8-10 per month still sounds fair for me. I will quit with the (p)review forecast posts as this will allow me more breathing room.  


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