Serial Pub: Ninth Step Station s01e03

Ninth Step Station s01e03 by Curtis C. Chen

Years of disaster and conflict have left Tokyo split between great powers. In the city of drone-enforced borders, bodymod black markets, and desperate resistance movements, US peacekeeper Emma Higashi is assigned to partner with Tokyo Metropolitan Police Detective Miyako Koreda. Together, they must race to solve a series of murders that test their relationship and threaten to overturn the balance of global power. And amid the chaos, they each need to decide what they are willing to do for peace.

Ninth Step Station is written by a collaboration of authors including: Malka Older, Fran Wilde, Jacqueline Koyanagi and Curtis C. Chen. Similar to all the serials from Serialbox, this story is also released in episodes. Every episode is written by a different author.

Episode 3: The Fallen Executive

What happens when a person falls from the top of a skyscraper? It leaves behind quite the mess. This is exactly how episode 3 "The Fallen Executive" kicks off. Emma and Miyako get a call of new murder case. Some guy apperently fell down from a skyscraper. Soon they find out that its one of the top businessmen of Japan, though strangly he locked himself in from the inside out of his room. So is this still a murder or a suicide? All the evidence points towards suicide as the personal assistent did not see anyone enter or leave the room on the night it happend. Just as with the last episodes Emma and Miyako are once again facing a challenge solving the case. I will briefly mention this. It does have one of the coolest conclusions so far. (spoiler: It's a bit like part harry potter with the deathly hallows.)

One part that I especially enjoyed in this episode was the interaction between Emma and Miyako. As I mention in the last couple of weeks their work relation need to grow. Slowly but surely it happend over the course of this episode. Both Emma and Miyako lightend a bit up and i think that they have come on neutral ground towards each other. Though you still see some parts of the story where they would rather be alone dealing with police things. In other situations they need one another. 

Now last episode and this episode Emma, in my opinion, must be hiding something. With the drone part where she was obscure and some other parts in the story as well seem to point that Emma might have a second agenda? I'm not sure about this I like to reckon that there is currently more happening on the background than meets the readers eye!


Tune in next for Episode 4!

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