Short Fiction Friday: Scars

Scars by James A. Moore, Seven Forges #1.3

[no synopsis given]

In the beginning of this year I read James A. Moore's second book in the Seven Forges series, The Blasted Lands, and I was confronted again with the fact that his series and his way of writing is just pretty darn awesome. Afterwards I read the first short story set in this series, Wounded, but new that there was more, luckily for me!

Scars is a short story with approx 3.5k words, short but powerful. These stories were, I think, meant to attract more crowd to the book and frankly if you aren't eager to pick up the book, I don't know what is wrong with you. This is jsut amazing background information for the series. So Scars is set after the events of Seven Forges and lies a focus on Wollis March who was present with Merros Dulver. Wollis is in the camp of the Sa'ba Taalor where they share stories. For Wollis the Sa'ba Taalor are strange folk, it is not that he is demanding answers or explanations but having been rescued by the Sa'ba Taalor he now finds himself around a campfire sharing a meal with some of warriors of the Sa'ba Taalor, Tuskandu included! Now I can go into very much detail in what is being said but this would ruin everything. This is really something you should read by yourself first hand. Even though with the few words said between them, there is a whole heap of flavor that sets the nature of these Sa'ba Taalor just right. I think you will once again be amazed with the richness this story offers in terms of background information to the stunning Seven Forges series.

Now I have already read The Blasted Lands and thus know what is coming but I didn't found this bothering at all. This is a story that everyone will be able to enjoy, if you are new to the series, I know you will have ordered the book after finishing this story, if you are a returning reader like me you will appreciate the extra given information about the series and the Sa'be Taalor. 

In the end James A Moore created a winning story for me, the story takes place around a campfire and it felt like I was one of the participants! 

I am already stoked for the third book, bring it!


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