Serial Pub: Ninth Step Station s01e07

Ninth Step Station s01e07 by Fran Wilde

Years of disaster and conflict have left Tokyo split between great powers. In the city of drone-enforced borders, bodymod black markets, and desperate resistance movements, US peacekeeper Emma Higashi is assigned to partner with Tokyo Metropolitan Police Detective Miyako Koreda. Together, they must race to solve a series of murders that test their relationship and threaten to overturn the balance of global power. And amid the chaos, they each need to decide what they are willing to do for peace.

Ninth Step Station is written by a collaboration of authors including: Malka Older, Fran Wilde, Jacqueline Koyanagi and Curtis C. Chen. Similar to all the serials from Serialbox, this story is also released in episodes. Every episode is written by a different author.

Episode 7: The Loud Politician

Coming around to Episode 7 means only a few more to go unfortunately. Episode 6 gave us some nice broading of the world of Ninth Step Station and some of the pieces did fell into place and others were introduced. As we have also seen so far there has been some focus on politics throughout the episodes and with this title The Loud Politicians I was particularly curious to see the direction it would take. 

This time around during the introduction we are not directly faced with a murder scene, just a potential one. This in particular did read different than the other episodes. After a while though a body turn up. That of a pronounced politician. Only survivors, her husband and her child. As this time another high profile person is involved the media is all over this case. As Emma is confident of herself she and Miyako gets assigned to the case, only to find out that finding the killer this time is much harder than they thought especially with both the head of the police force and the media breathing down your neck. 

In this particular episode I really the conversation that Emma had with Charles. It showed that the relations might not be as solid as they thought they were. Also Emma and Miyako again have some good moments and Emma and Kensuke as well. 

What I do have to highlight and give Fran Wilde a big praise for is the topic that is being discussed in this episode. The Loud Politicians has much bigger motives than just a murder investigation. It's good to see that these heavier topics are being discussed in fiction. The Loud Politician is the strongest episode I have had the pleasure to read. These bigger motives with out a doubt elevate the story.


Tune in next week for  Episode 8!

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