So this is what happened in the last months

So this is what happened in the last months. 

I guess many were already expecting the blog to be filled with book review after book review. However as you might have seen, there hasn't been a post in Januari regarding that. This is due to some foreseen and unforeseen factors. Let me elaborate on it a bit. 

Firstly, late December 2015 I changed jobs, I worked for as a laboratory technician but got the chance to build a completely new marker laboratory this was a chance I couldn't pass out on. With this promotion there were a lot of things happening first and foremost was the decrease in sparetime. My current jobs isn't around the corner anymore. Anyway I got in the flow now, problem mostly sorted!

Secondly and this is the biggest change that will happen this year is that I am going to be a father. Yes that is right. Expected date is around the 30th of April. We had to get the home ready for the baby and that was actually a bit tougher than I expected. But we got everything that we needed now so we are down to counting down the days. 

Thirdly and this is the most personal part, I dont think any knows this but a few years ago, 2006, when I was still studying I developed boulimia nervosa. It allowed me to graduate cum laude, but it also had a lot of negative effect. I estranged family and friends. I locked myself away and the only way I could put my thoughts on more positive ways was seeking refuge in books. I had a great time reading books, they distracted me so that I no longer needed to think about my own thoughts. Back in 2011 I finally conquered this disease but it still had left a mark on me it took me 2 rough years to complete get rid of it. 

Now in the last year I have picked up some new hobbies which led my attention away from reading, which is actually a good thing.

My passion for books is still present there and I plan to still finish my goodreads challenge of 52 book this year. I hope you will still stick around to follow the blog. 

Starting this fabruari I will pick up the book reviewing once again. Though around April there might be a small leave of absence as well when I need to change the diapers of my son.  



  1. New hobbies and a new baby on the way? I'd say that's cause for celebration. Best of luck yo you in the months ahead, Jasper!

  2. Congratulations on fatherhood, Jasper. I am sure you will manage to find time for everything.


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