Media Alert: Bookburners trailer

Media Alert: Bookburners Trailer

Over the last few weeks I have featured several posts on the new concept of Serialbox. They bring something new to publishing. Turn of your TV and subscribe to the weekly episodes of Bookburners. 

So far I have read episodes 1 through 4 and they are pretty awesome. Bookburners is the first series published by Serialbox and follows the adventures of Sal who is recruited by an ancient organization that fights against the supernatural. Book have teeth! Some books can call forth the supernatural in terms of demonic possession and it is Sal's job amongst others to contain the damage.  What I have seen so far is that the writing is top, the series is written by four different authors but the story flows naturally.

Just a few days ago Serialbox released the trailer of Bookburners. A pretty cool one, make sure you watch it and tune into your kobo, kindle, smartphone or tablet and read the series! 

What makes this a cool concept  of serial fiction is the fact that there is no pressure in terms of having to dig thorugh a big book. Each week there is a new episode so you have the time to read the episode over the week. And in the end you still get the whole story.

Bookburners and all future Serial Box serials will be available on the site, in the app, and on iTunesAmazonKoboGoogle Play, and B&N.


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