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Book Review: Forsaken Skies

Forsaken Skies by D. Nolan Clark, The Silence #1 From the dark, cold void came an unknown force. Their target a remote planet, the home for a group of people distancing themselves from mankind and pursuing a path of piety and peace. If they have any chance at survival a disparate group of pilots must come together to fight back any way they can. But the best these aces can do might not be good enough. Space Opera. It has been a while since I read a book in this genre. After the post that D. Nolan Clark wrote for the blog I was even more excited. Space Opera is an amazing genre to write in, and D. Nolan Clark (pseudonym for David Wellington) proofs that he means business.  Mankind has moved beyond the limits of the Earth and inhabited multiple solar systems. As the book opens the focus is immediately placed on  Aleistar Lanoe, who is chasing some rogue pilot, Thom. The first scenes takes place at the Hexus, a major space hub. Here Lanoe and Thom's life collide with that o