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Author interview with Robert Dickinson

Author interview with Robert Dickinson               Hi Robert, welcome over to thebookplank and for taking your time to answer these few questions for us! BP: First off, can you tell us a bit more as to who Robert Dickinson is, what are your likes/dislikes and hobbies? RD: I’ve had a succession of office jobs, most of which involved spreadsheets. Whenever I’ve joined any kind of artistic association they usually ask me to be treasurer. This possibly tells you something. When I’m not pretending to understand lists of numbers I read, listen to music, attempt to write, and worry about how much time I spend watching television – did I really need to watch that episode of CSI: Cyber ? I could have listened to that Ligeti string quartet or memorised two or three Russian words. Instead I find myself admiring the cast’s ability to keep a straight face while they explain cybercrime to each other. Apart from the mild self-loathing induced by rubbish television most of my dislikes