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Author interview Tony Ballantyne

Author interview with Tony Ballantyne When Solaris sent their catalogue my attention immediately dropped on the book Dream London , yes I have to admit the cover got me on the first go but reading the synopsis it promised even more. SOlaris has published some rave titles in the last years that really stood out above the mainstream books, and Dream London is right up that alley, its a refreshing new take on urban fantasy, don't let yourself be put of by the weirdness that accompanies this story, it all for the better! Author Bio : Tony Ballantyne is the author of Dream London, the Penrose series and the Recursion series. He has also written many short stories. Tony grew up in County Durham in the North East of England. He studied Maths at Manchester University before moving to London where he taught Maths and IT. His first SF sale was “The Sixth VNM”  which appeared in Interzone 138.  Since then he has had short stories appear in magazines and anthologies world

The Crown Tower

The Crown Tower by Michael J. Sullivan, The Riyria Chronicles #1 TWO MEN WHO HATE EACH OTHER. ONE IMPOSSIBLE MISSION. A LEGEND IN THE MAKING. A warrior with nothing to fight for is paired with a thieving assassin with nothing to lose. Together they must steal a treasure that no one can reach. The Crown Tower is the impregnable remains of the grandest fortress ever built and home to the realm’s most valuable possessions. But it isn’t gold or jewels the old wizard is after, and this prize can only be obtained by the combined talents of two remarkable men. Now if Arcadias can just keep Hadrian and Royce from killing each other, they just might succeed. The Crown Tower is the first book of The Riyria Chronicles and one of the two prequels to the critically acclaimed fantasy series The Riyria Revelations written by Michael J. Sullivan. The Riyria Revelations was first published in 2007 and recently the books have been combined into two volume omnibus editions by Orbit and

The Ankh of Isis Trilogy

The Ankh of Isis Trilogy by Eric Corbeyran, Assassins Creed comic 1-3 Abstergo wants Desmond Miles and they'll stop at nothing to get him - kidnapping and murdering without hesitation - but betrayal closer to hims lands a far greater blow for the deadly Templars. In a race against time Desmon uses the Animus to delve into the lives of two Assassins from Roman times - the shadowy Aquilus and the barbarian Accipiter - un a desperate search for a weapon to destroy Abstergo.  Can their memories help Desmond to discover the ancient artefact of unusual power? Who is the mysterious Jonathan Hawk? And who, is anyone, can Desmond trust? I think if you mention Assassin's Creed most people the majority of them must have one time or another have heard of it, it's currently one of the most popular gaming franchises out there and based on the video games several full length books have already been written, covering the parts from Assassins Creed II and III so far. The Ankh o

Dream London

Dream London by Tony Ballantyne Captain Jim Wedderburn has looks, style and courage by the bucketful. He’s adored by women, respected by men and feared by his enemies. He’s the man to find out who has twisted London into this strange new world, and he knows it. But in Dream London the city changes a little every night and the people change a little every day. The towers are growing taller, the parks have hidden themselves away and the streets form themselves into strange new patterns. There are people sailing in from new lands down the river, new criminals emerging in the East End and a path spiralling down to another world. Everyone is changing, no one is who they seem to be. Earlier this year I received the Solaris catalogue of book they were publishing this year and among quite a few cool book I noticed Dream London . Urban Fantasy has been a hot topic for a lot of recently published books and offers an interesting premise for a lot of authors to venture is. What I c

Kindred and Wings

Kindred and Wing by Philippa Ballantine, Shifted World #2 On the back of the dragon Wahirangi, Finn the Fox flees the world he has known. As he sets out to find the brother he never knew of, he still holds in his heart the memory of the Hunter. He has denied his love for her, but he cannot deny it forever. In the halls of the Last Believers, Talyn begins to uncover her own mysteries, but her lust for the death of the Caisah is still strong and clouds her vision. She must choose her path, as the Seer of her people or as the assassin of the overlord. Meanwhile, Byre, Talyn's brother, must venture into the fiery world of the Kindred, to rebuild the pact that his ancestors made. He will risk everything he is as he forms a new pact that will change his people forever. Dragons and myths will be reborn, as the Hunter and her Fox face each other once more. A few weeks back I read the first book, Hunter and Fox in the latest series Shifted Worlds, of Philippa Ballantine

Author interview with Tom Lloyd

Author interview with Tom Lloyd Tom Lloyd is the acclaimed writer of the Twilight Reign series which currently hold 5 full volume books and 1 short story collection. Moon's Artifice is his latest book in his brand new series right up the alley for fans of Joe Abercrombie, George R.R. Martin and of course fans of Tom himself! I haven't had the chance to read any of the Twilight Reign books but sure am looking forward to reading Moon's Artifice !  Here is a short synopsis of the book (Out 21st of November 2013 by Gollancz) In a quiet corner of the Imperial City, Investigator Narin discovers the result of his first potentially lethal mistake. Minutes later he makes a second. After an unremarkable career Narin finally has the chance of promotion to the hallowed ranks of the Lawbringers - guardians of the Emperor's laws and bastions for justice in a world of brutal expediency. Joining that honoured body would be the culmination of a lifelong dream