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The Forever Saga: Flash

Long ago, the first reign of Grigori Geist nearly destroyed the Earth. Returned from exile, Geist is secretly rebuilding his kingdom beneath Antarctica, assembling his robotic Vaucan race to war against mankind. Only one obstacle remains: the war hero known as Brian Renney. Yet Brian is losing a battle against his fears. Scars of heart and mind linger from his days in Vietnam, fuelling his failures as husband and father. This embitters his youngest son, Jason – a star athlete torn between pursuing the love of his life, and meeting the demands of a father who is far from the storied army captain he once was. And all the while, Geist is coming for them. In this dark hour, Brian and Jason encounter a war to end all others… and an unexpected ally who, once meant for evil shall forever be a force for good. – The Forever Saga: Flash is the first book in a series called The Forever Saga, written by Sean C Sousa. Flash is also his debut novel. Reading the blurb and se

The Uncrowned King

Thirteen year old Pro watches powerless as her father’s enemies march on his castle. A traitor whispers poison in the King’s ear, undermining his trust in her brother, Byren. Determined to prove his loyalty, Byren races across the path of the advancing army, towards the Abbey. Somehow, he must get there in time to convince the Abbot to send his warriors to defend the castle. Meanwhile, the youngest of King Rolen’s sons, Fyn, has barely begun his training as an Abbey mystic, but he wakes in cold sweat hunted by dreams of betrayal… The Uncrowned King is the second book in the Chronicles of King Rolen’s King of which “ The King’s Bastard ” was the first of the series. When I first was introduced to this series I thought I would be confronted with a violent hack and slash style novel, judging by the cover of the first book. In this I was quickly proven wrong. The first book did centre around a rather violent event, but on top of it there is a very strong backbone of pol

Most anticipated books: 2013

Having made my most favorite books post of 2012 it is now time to look a little bit forward to some of the books that I really look forward to reading in 2013. Having taken a look at the publishing schedules and having been in personal contact with several authors I made up the following list. Iron Kingdom Chronicles: In Thunder Forged and Big Iron (Pyr) Fade to Black by Francis Knight (Orbit) Coldest War by Ian Tregillis (Orbit) Dangerous Gifts by Gaie Sebold (Solaris) Blood and Feathers: Rebellion by Lou Morgan (Solaris) No cover yet! Red Moon by Benjamin Percy (Hodder) Lexicon by Max Barry (Hodder) The Other Woman by Graham Thomas (TheNeverPress) No cover yet! Ofcourse there are many more books coming out this year and though I would like to nominate more books.. there is just not enough time in a day, week, month and year to read every single book that is coming out this year, but I will try! Let's

Happy New Year

Well first off, I want to wish everyone who visits my blog all the best wishes for a healthy and promising 2013 and that it may be a read-full year!  I have now about 27 books still pending for a review, I have been taking the reviewing at a slower pace but I am planning to pick it up a bit more in the weeks to come.  Similar to 2012 you can expect many more review of my for Fantasy Book Review! And if you have any inquiries for review or others questions than feel free to drop a line.

Forging of a Knight Book Trailer

In the summer of 2012 Hugo V. Negron author of the upcoming series of the Forging of a Knight series contacted Fantasy Book Review for a review of the first book Forging of a Knight. When I first read the description I just knew that this was a book for me to read. And after finishing this book I was blown away with how the tale of young Qualtan was told and everything surrounding this debut book! Since then I have been recently in contact with Hugo and he has already told me that the second book in the series is now with his editor so lets hope for a spring release I have my fingers crossed, I am eagerly awaiting what Those that Stand in the Shadow will throw at our young Knight!! I enjoyed this book so much that is was one of my top favorite self published stories of 2012.  Here is the trailer: