Book Review: The girl who could move sh*t with her mind

The girl who could move sh*t with her mind by Jackson Ford

For Teagan Frost, sh*t just got real.

Teagan Frost is having a hard time keeping it together. Sure, she's got telekinetic powers—a skill that the government is all too happy to make use of, sending her on secret break-in missions that no ordinary human could carry out. But all she really wants to do is kick back, have a beer, and pretend she's normal for once.

But then a body turns up at the site of her last job—murdered in a way that only someone like Teagan could have pulled off. She's got 24 hours to clear her name—and it's not just her life at stake. If she can't unravel the conspiracy in time, her hometown of Los Angeles will be in the crosshairs of an underground battle that's on the brink of exploding...


Just to start off, how can this title not spark your enthusiasm? Jackson Ford could not have chosen a more direct title for this book, it also hit the nail on the head when it comes to the storyline. 

Meet Teagan Frost. She is not your average women working for the US government. Teagan has psychokinesis or in short PK. Yes, she can manipulate objects with her mind. Which makes her a perfect asset for the US government. The book starts off at a breakneck pace where you see Teagan life in action on a mission. Unfortunately, this mission goes bad pretty fast and Teagan together with her colleague Annie have to improvise. This improvisation in throwing yourself out the 82nd floor and hoping your belt buckle will hold. These last few sentences already put the atmosphere of the book in the right place it is this kind of ride. Back to the story, this mission goes bad and after debriefing Teagan just wants to rest. Soon Teagan is summoned to the office as a crime was committed which involved the use of PK. And as Teagan is the only person on the world known to have this kind of power she has some explaining to do. 

This starts off a whole new adventure for Teagan. She manages to bargain with her boss to give her 24 hours to clear her name because if she doesn't it is back to the examining table. Finding a place to start looking for another PK user is easier said than done... 

For me, The girl who could move sh*t with her mind had some serious strong points. For one the story is being told in a way that engaging and fun. The narrative of Teagan is a thrill to read. You will see a sort of humoristic undertone underneath some of the things that are happening but deep down you know in the context of the story they are serious business. 

I do have to criticize the build-up of the story to a certain extent when it comes to world building and in particular the flashbacks to when Teagan was smaller. When you look at the moments where they were placed and the way that there were told it felt too pushed and rushed. For me learning about who and what Teagan is and how she became the women she is in the book was very important but in the midst of the story it, unfortunately, felt rushed (doesn't take a way that I still enjoyed them though).

Looking at the other characters besides Teagan, you will quickly draw the conclusion that they are a ragtag bunch. They are fun to read about and each has there own quirks. Bunch of misfits. I especially liked Paul and Reggie. Just thinking back to them puts a smile on my face. 

So what about the plot? It will blow you away as if you have just been hit by a chair that was thrown with PK force. No, seriously I mean it. What Jackson Ford did with the plot will leave you with mixed feelings. To be honest I was shocked and had to reread the page a couple of time constantly asking myself "Did I read that right?" The reasoning fits with the storyline but I can understand that some of the readers might find the whole reason behind it a bit weak. But the paralogue or how you want to call it does set the story up perfectly for a sequel. Because *spoiler* Teagan had some brothers and sisters as well.

The girl who could move sh*t with her mind is the perfect summer read for this year; fast-paced and a whole lot of fun. Don't forget to bring this one along with you on the holidays. 


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